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We are independent associates of Viridian Energy Australia, if your looking to become a customer or an affiliate of Viridian Energy then you’ve come to the right place.

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We’d first of all like to welcome all future customers, I can assure you now that by making the switch to Viridian Energy, and in most cases reducing the cost of your electricity bill, you will be making an amazing decision. One that will be benefiting our environment, benefiting families of the disadvantaged and you’ll be playing your role in reducing your own carbon footprint. Every customer contributes to the collective impact that Viridian Energy have managed to achieve since 2009. To make it easy for you to get a quote on your electricity, to find out if you can save money on your electricity as well as reducing your emissions, I’ve created an easy step by step walkthrough for you.

Without our customers, our companies overall success and outstanding impact that we’ve collectively had on our worlds environment wouldn’t exist. Every customer that has made that one simple decision to switch over to Viridian energy has played their role in reducing carbon emissions throughout our environment.

With one simple decision to make the switch, our customers are helping to fund projects such as; building renewable energy farms and facilities, forest restorations and planting of trees throughout our environment, landfill gas recovery systems, energy efficiency for buildings and transportation, as well as education programs to raise awareness about the impact that burning fossil fuels has on our environment.

Your one, simple choice will also be supporting initiatives that create lasting impact all over the world. Projects such as, beach clean ups and trail clearings, and as far-flung as solar power for remote, off-grid communities.

For every month that each and every customer pays their electricity bill, Viridian Energy will also donate 1 days power to a family in need. Unfortunately many of us take power for granted, and it often goes unaware that many areas and families throughout our world are disadvantaged by not have access to electricity. It is our mission to spread the light to families in need.

By giving 3 minutes of your time online to make the switch, you will have the piece of mind that you are doing your part for our world, and reducing your own carbon footprint.



We’d also like to welcome all future associates of Viridian Energy, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to an opportunity that could possibly change your life in so many different ways.
We are independent associates of Viridian Energy, and we put each and every one of our associates interests before our own. For this reason, if your willing to invest some of your spare time to make an additional income stream with our team, your success will be guaranteed. We work one on one with all of our teams associates, to ensure your own personal success within our team and throughout Viridian Energy as whole. We are a professional network marketing team that will make certain you have the skills and tools needed to succeed in our industry. Our primary focus remains to be team orientated, so if you have the skills required to work in a team environment, then you may be the perfect fit for our fast growing team. To learn more about the professionalism of our team, why we chose Viridian Energy Australia and the keys to success in network marketing then click here.


If you are looking to become a customer through Viridian Energy Australia and would like to receive an instant free online quote, then please do so here.
If you are looking to become an associate and start earning yourself an additional income with the help of our friendly team then please do so here.





A Little About Viridian Energy and Our Success As a Company:


Viridian Energy is a network marketing company that is driven by our precious environment. We are helping to create a world that’s solely powered by renewable energy. We do this all though network marking, the most effective method today to advertise products or services as it’s done on a one on one basis. We simply team up with energy companies that support renewable energy, market their electricity, and then purchase carbon offsets to counter balance emissions produced in the generation of electricity. The money that is spent in buying carbon offsets, then goes towards funding projects around the world to produce renewable energy or reduce carbon emissions.

Since 2009, Viridians impacts have been huge.
We’ve collectively managed to avoid more than 3,200,000,000 kilos of CO2, planted over 82,000,000 tree seedlings and recycled over 50,500,000,000 gas bottles.
The numbers really speak for themselves in terms of Viridians primary focus as a company. Take a look at Viridian Energy’s 2015 annual Sustainability Report.



COMING SOON – Travel Light:


Now this is going to be huge! Viridian are expanding into the travel market and will be taking it by storm. We will be counter balancing carbon offsets produced by travel, as well as smashing competitors prices.








Your Personal Opportunity Through Viridian Energy & Our Direct Selling Structure:


Viridian Energy have given us all the opportunity to build and create our own personal business with their company through the structure of MLM (Multi Level Marketing). We are able to do this by marketing a product which has achieved proven success in the United States, and by building our own personal sales team through network marketing, which gives us the opportunity to grow our businesses with no limits as well as no expectations. As many companies continue to turn to the network marketing or MLM business model, our industry continues to grow at an exceptionally fast rate. Check out my article as to why I personally decided to close down my business and venture into the network marketing industry here.
You have the opportunity to build your own sales team through one of the fastest growing team of Viridian Energy associates in Australia, with ongoing personal support and training directly from our team. We will ensure that you are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed through Viridian Energy and this will always be our teams primary focus.
Learn more about why you should consider becoming an associate of Viridian Energy Australia here.




Our Viridian Experience To Date:


Viridian Energy are an absolutely amazing company to be a part of, and the vision & opportunities that they have created for all independent associates as well as customers has really been a contributing factor to the companies rapid success. They have managed to combine 2 of the worlds fastest growing industries (renewable energy & network marketing/MLM) and have executed their strategy to create a powerful vision to impact on our planets environment in a significant way.
I personally look at network marketing as a medium to long-term strategy for people with goals towards creating financial freedom. You get the opportunity to build your own franchise for a company, with very low risk and a very small investment. You work hard in the beginning for minimal reward to get your business up and running, and are then rewarded for your loyalty, commitment & work for the company in the long-term, which will pay dividends big time. You have the opportunity to start a business with absolutely no responsibilities, no commitments and the ability to work where and when you want with the added support and training necessary to succeed. The only thing that you will need to acquire is experience, and the more experience you acquire, the easier your business will become to run. Your support from our team will be endless and we’ll be there every step of the way to ensure your success if you want it.




What Have You Got To Lose?


If you are still unsure if Viridian is the right company for you to start your own business and help customers to make a difference in the world, then check out my article about why I personally decided to pursue a career in the network marketing industry. You really have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!



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